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How does that work ? 

  • By clearly uncovering your motivation for wanting to make a change so it can guide you through your transformation

  • By assessing where you currently are and identifying areas that may need rebalancing (exercise, nutrition, sleep, or other aspects of your lifestyle).

  • By collaboratively defining your goals and creating a roadmap to achieve them.

  • By supporting you every step of the way, providing ongoing encouragement and accountability 

This process is not always linear and may take time. For some people 1 session might be enough but typically, we work together over the course of around 6 months, allowing for meaningful progress and sustainable changes to take root.

Health Coaching

Wherever you are in the world, whether in person or via Zoom, I'm here to support you and your desire for a change towards better well-being. 


From crafting healthy meal plans to debunking common diet myths, whether you're considering transitioning to a vegetarian or plant-based diet, seeking to mend a tumultuous relationship with food, gaining more energy or striving for sustainable weight loss, I've got your back.


Let's be honest, you're already aware that vegetables are beneficial and processed foods aren't ideal ! What you truly require is planting the seeds to permanent changes thanks to unwavering support, and being held accountable. 

And that’s the whole concept of my Health coaching sessions ! 

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