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Health Coaching Sessions

Consultations are conducted via Zoom or in person.

First Health Coaching Consultation

1h30 min $ 150 SGD 


Most often this session is motivated by a need for weight loss, dietary rebalancing, or regaining energy and vitality.

Unlike a diet centric approach focusing only on nutritional intakes and food plans, we also explore your lifestyle, sleep patterns, work dynamics, exercise routine, relationships,... to identify areas that impact nutrition and may require support. 


As a coach, I am not here to judge your progress but to guide you along the path towards your objectives and gently remind you when the next milestone may seem distant. 


After the session you receive a comprehensive personalized written report, highlighting your goal (s) and offering clear recommendations tailored to your needs and lifestyle with supporting educational material to assist you. 


After this first session, most clients choose to work with me over a period of time (6 month minimum usually)

The frequency is usually every 4 weeks, but varies depending on individual needs and objectives. Ultimately, you are the hero of your transformation journey !


Before the consultation:

I provide you with a questionnaire covering aspects of nutrition, lifestyle, and health, along with a 3-day "food journal" to complete prior to our appointment. 

Additionally, I kindly request any recent health tests such as medical analyses, radiographs, or ongoing treatments. 

While I am not a health professional, I have attended the French dietician curriculum in physiology and physiopathology and can understand your results, to ensure dietary recommendations are relevant if need be. In case of any health issue I will always refer you to your Health Specialist to take care of you. 


Follow-up Health Coaching Sessions

55 min $ 110 SGD 


These sessions provide an opportunity for you to review your goal and progress towards it, make necessary adjustments, or simply acknowledge and celebrate the strides taken towards your goal. 

After each session I email you notes and documents to support you and your path towards your target (informative factsheets, a variety of recipes and meal ideas curated for you, reading recommendations, exercise routines…)


If you require additional support, we can discuss increasing the frequency of our sessions. I'm highly adaptable and can even tailor "practical" sessions to your specific needs, such as cooking workshops, kitchen and cupboards organisation reset, labels reading / grocery shopping tutorials, yoga, or meditation sessions, and more.


Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. For any medical concerns, please consult a specialized doctor.

6 months Package 

1st consultation + 6 follow up consultations over 6 months

650 sgd  (20% discount)

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. For any medical concerns, please consult a specialized doctor.

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